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Tax administration and mediation

Entrepreneurs and other taxpayers can ask the Tax Authorities for mediation.

Mediation at the Tax And Customs Administration is not known to everyone. For example, many accountants, administration offices and accountants do not know it. This also applies to tax inspectors, which is sometimes a missed opportunity.

With mediation it is possible to enter into a non-committal conversation with the employees of the Tax And Customs Administration on the basis of voluntary participation. The contact is different from, for example, hearing before a decision is made on an objection or at the hearing after an appeal to the court. These contact moments are mandatory, limited in time and leave little room for the employees of the Tax And Customs Administration to think about a solution.

In addition, the costs are limited because the mediator is paid by the Tax And Customs Administration. There is also more time to come to a solution because you are not bound by a term of office.

That advantage also applies to hearing. The obligation to hear is often taken literally: you are heard. There is usually no dialogue. There is therefore no comparison.

The advantages of mediation at the Tax And Customs Administration:

  • no additional costs;
  • more time and space to find a solution;
  • restoring the relationship for preventing discussion in the future.

Feel free to give me a call (Mr. Sepehr Yadegari) if you want to know more about the possibilities of mediation and whether it can also be a solution in your case.