Office organization

Replacement, observation, complaints procedure, jurisdiction registration and professional liability insurance

The handling of your file is carried out independently by me on assignment. I don’t manage third-party funds.

I work together with other law firms (including De Rooij Van Wijk Advocaten), companies (including Mijn Autocoach) and accountants (including Viva Nova).

For replacement during absence and observation during illness, I have made agreements with lawyer Mr. Martijn Heimensem of Law Firm Deijkers.

My office is located within the district of the Bar Association of North Holland and the dean of that district is responsible for supervision.

The assignments I have accepted are insured against professional errors at non-life insurer Markel Insurance S.E. in Munich. My liability is limited to the coverage and in any case to the amount of the fee I receive from you.

To submit complaints about my services, I refer you to my complaints procedure.

Lawyer Mr Sepehr Yadegari has registered the following main (and sub) jurisdictions in the register of jurisdictions of the Dutch Bar Association:

  • General practice

On the basis of this registration, he is obliged to obtain ten training points in each registered main legal area each calendar year in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.

My Chamber of Commerce number is 76447790. VAT number: NL 003 086 083 B15

In addition to the terms and conditions mentioned in the order confirmation, my General Terms and Conditions apply to each assignment.

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