Rejected For A Personal Loan? Here's How to Recover as The Yeshiva World
The proverbial rejection of a loan as a result of the BKR registration.

Unfortunately, you cannot delete your BKR registration yourself. Only the credit provider or stichting BKR can do this. In order for your BKR registration to be deleted, you must first contact the credit provider. If you do not agree with the credit provider, you can always contact a lawyer to discuss your options.

When do I get a BKR registration?

When you borrow money, this can be registered with stichting BKR. This happens with loans of more than 250 euros that run for more than 1 month and for business loans of more than 1,000 euros for which you are personally liable (if you sign for your BV, for example).  

Since 2018, you will also receive a BKR registration for telephone subscriptions in combination with a new phone. This already happens when you do not pay 250 euros or more of the price for your new phone or tablet (iPad) and therefore borrow (monthly repayment). Student debts, mortgages or late payments with the tax authorities are not registered. That saves.

Positive and negative registrations

The BKR has positive and negative registrations. A positive registration is simply the registration of a new credit (for example, with a credit card, private-lease car or if you are in red at the bank). A negative registration occurs in the following situations:

  • You are in arrears (the deadline for passing on the registration depends on which credit you have).
  • Your late payment has been incurred.
  • You have made a payment arrangement.
  • There is another particularity, such as that the loan has to be paid in full.

The effect of a negative BKR registration

Mortgage applications and other requests for financing can and in practice be rejected when you have a BKR registration.

After you pay off a credit and the credit provider indicates that your credit has ended, your data will remain visible for another five years. Have you received a negative registration during the term of the credit? Then this too remains visible five years after the date.

The credit provider is responsible for providing the credit data. In the event of incorrect registration or data, only the credit provider can recover it.

Wrongful registration

Do you believe that a BKR registration has wrongly taken place in your name and are you wondering what the possibilities are to delete it? Please feel free to contact lawyer Mr. Sepehr Yadegari. I can be reached by email ( or telephone (020 244 3900).

de heer mr. Sepehr Yadegari

Als advocaat gespecialiseerd in aankooprecht maakt hij zich hard voor cliënten die een miskoop doen. Hij zorgt ervoor dat ze terugkrijgen waar ze recht op hebben. Dat ze schadeloos gesteld worden. In sommige gevallen betekent dat een reparatie van hun product. In andere gevallen een volledige ontbinding van de koop.