Attorney Fees and Costs

In every case I try to apply the following steps to determine whether it is in your interest to receive paid legal aid.

If you wish to get an estimate for your situation and the potential costs of legal aid, you could get in touch with me. Call me and discuss the matter briefly. During the phone call we will discuss these questions.

A) What is the problem that needs solving?

B) Is it a matter or a problem that does not necessarily require paid legal aid?

C) Or is the solution to your problem better executed or can only be provided by a lawyer

D) Which part of the necessary steps needed to solve your problem can be done by yourself. Whatever you can do yourself doesn’t cost me any time and thus saves on your attorney’s fee. I will give you an estimate of the time needed for the tasks for which I (as an attorney) am better equipped to do or tasks which only an attorney can provide.

E) The intention is to agree upon a fixed price so as to provide you with the peace of mind knowing beforehand what your attorney’s fee and costs will be at the end of the road.

F) Part of offering you a solution and costs is to asses whether the potential benefits outweigh the costs. My intention is to not pursue legal matters only out of principle and where only the lawyer benefits. You shouldn’t either. The most important thing is to reduce the problem at hand and not increase it due to added costs for legal aid (attorney, bailif and court fees).

G) An important condition for me to provide you with a fixed price or a maximum amount of attorney fees is to reduce my risk of non-payment. I am limiting myself to the amount I will be able to charge you and therefor wish not to also burden myself with receiving payment after our engagement is over.